About Us

Welcome to TF IDF Tool! Our specialist "On Page" SEO content optimization tool

TF IDF Tool is an app that we have developed to help people with their "on page" SEO so that they can optimize each page or post for best results to rank in Google.

TF IDF Tool is run by Chris Cantell and John Pearce. Chris and John are both directors of SEO Breakthrough Ltd, a specialist SEO company that majors on SEO training and equipping SEO agencies and individuals with software tools to help carry out a lot of the tedious work involved with the process of optimizing and the work involved to enable ranking in the search engines.

John Pearce and Chris Cantell

Chris Cantell has been in the SEO industry since 2011. Since then, he has established his own SEO agency that has enabled clients around the globe to enjoy top rankings in their specific niches

John Pearce has also been in the SEO training industry and product development since 2011. He has set up an impressive number of software applications to enable agencies and individuals to rank their sites on Google.

Their flagship website is SEO Breakthrough, a comprehensive SEO training package that provide numerous software tools for various SEO tasks. The tools enable "TurnKey SEO" where the user can carryout in depth "On Page" and "Off Page" SEO to rank with least effort.

You can follow Chris and John at their SEO Breakthrough Facebook page.